January 11, 2015


The coming Republican failure on immigration (BYRON YORK | JANUARY 11, 2015, DC Examiner)

The only way for a lawmaker to vote to undo Obama's executive action from last November is to vote for the Aderholt measure -- but that would also mean voting to rescind the Morton Memos and administration policy over the last several years. It is not hard to imagine a Democrat saying, "I'm troubled by what the president did in November, but I'm not comfortable voting to overturn his entire policy." The bottom line is that by broadening the effort to overrule Obama in the Aderholt amendment, Republicans are likely making sure that fewer lawmakers will vote for it, especially in the Senate.

By the way, Republicans did have a clean, simple amendment that would have reversed only Obama's November action. It was filed by Roby on Tuesday with the title "Prevention of Executive Amnesty Act of 2015." But by the time the leadership got through with things, the original Roby bill was nowhere to be seen.

There is some dark talk in the Capitol that it's all intentional, that the House leadership is sabotaging its own amendments, structuring them to make them unpassable in the Senate, because it really doesn't want to overturn the president's action. "It's sending a bill to the Senate that is designed not to pass the Senate," says one GOP congressional aide, "because members who are on the fence, whose votes we could have gotten, are going to know they have a pretext to vote no." At the least, such talk is a measure of the distrust of leadership that prevails in some House and Senate circles.

Of course something will pass. Lots of lawmakers will vote for the DeSantis amendment and prioritize enforcement against illegal immigrants who are domestic violence offenders or sexual predators. Why oppose that? And why not vote to say you believe the U.S. should favor American citizens over illegal immigrants? Those are easy votes that don't mean much. But on the main issue -- overturning Obama's executive action of last November -- Republicans have made success less, not more, likely by including other provisions.

Actually rescinding Obama's action was always going to be almost impossible to do. 

Morals/politics should be the one immigration hurdle.
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