January 2, 2015


Now I understand how and why the Palestinians lost Palestine : The Hamas deputy foreign minister has published a scathing broadside, slamming the Palestinian leadership for failing to craft a strategic vision and build national consensus. (GHAZI HAMAD January 2, 2015, Times of Israel)

What calamity did the Palestinians create by themselves for themselves?

We have always held the Arab regimes responsible for the loss of Palestine, which is an indisputable matter, and have equally faulted the Western regimes for their collusion and unlimited support for Israel... But what is our share in bearing responsibility?

It is true that we, as Palestinians, fought and struggled, presented an amazing model of sacrifice, and created revolution after revolution, intifada after intifada. We knocked on the doors of the international community and prowled the streets of world capitals in search of support. Many applauded us at international forums and we received "theoretical" recognition as a country. But where is the practical result on the ground? Where is the Palestinian expansion - after 65 years - versus the cancerous occupation? Where are the foundations of victory and liberation that we release as empty slogans?? Where is the source of deficiency given these great sacrifices and tremendous lengths of political effort?

What is strange is that after a fierce war that lasted 50 days (which inspires pride in the resilience and heroism [of Hamas]); our demands reflected nothing but a lack of political and strategic vision. [All we requested was] the opening of border crossings and the expansion of the fishing zone!

Oddly, everyone believes they are close to achieving their goals: Fatah believes it's a step away from achieving statehood, while Hamas thinks it's on the brink of liberating Palestine!

Instead of getting a state as is our historical right, we have begun to expect it through a UN resolution that cannot be implemented!

Palestine cannot be freed or built by this lacking, arbitrary path that is far from any deep planning, strong preparation, and joint, continued and accumulated national action. It is transforming into merely wishes and no more. This does not mean that I am downplaying the value of what each side is doing, but the fracturing of directions and of efforts will lead us to counterproductive results.

Why and how did our efforts come to naught?

In short, because Palestinians lost two of their national pillars: strategic vision and national consensus. Hence, their paths diverged. They moved - or let us say dissipated - to opposing areas that drained their energies and deflated their abilities. They moved between temporary and permanent solutions, between the PA and resistance, between the PA and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), between the statehood project and the liberation project, between strategy and tactics, between legitimacy and illegitimacy, they got lost between reconciliation and division...

This dilemma has exacerbated the divisions between Palestinians until they became a model of professional discord. You will find that we disagree about everything, from the liberation or statehood project to the most trivial of issues. This has dragged us into drowning in the small details that have worn us down and blocked us from thinking about strategic issues.

Indeed, the lack of a strategic vision is a national disaster for which everyone bears responsibility.

The PLO had served its purpose once it forced negotiations, but the Palestinian people aren't secular-Marxist.

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