January 8, 2015


Jeb Bush Moves Quickly to Build Policy and Fundraising Arms (BETH REINHARD and  PATRICK O'CONNOR, Jan. 6, 2015, WSJ)

[T]he simultaneous launch of the super PAC--which, unlike the traditional political action committee, can raise unlimited funds for television ads and other political activity--signaled the extent of his ambitions. [...]

"It's all gelling very quickly, because there was this latent support for him all along," said business consultant Barbara Franklin, a leading supporter of Mr. Bush's family who was invited to the fundraiser. [...]

The website for the new political organization, named Right to Rise, promotes a strong national defense, free enterprise and limited government. Mr. Bush announced the new organization by posting a 13-second video on Twitter and Facebook of himself walking down the street and talking to the camera, a contrast with the slick, professionally produced videos frequently used by political figures.

Mr. Bush describes the Right to Rise PAC as "a PAC to support candidates that believe in conservative principles to allow all Americans to rise up." Mr. Bush repeats the same line in Spanish in a separate posting.

The informal, bilingual announcement suggests the son and brother of presidents is casting himself as someone who can expand the GOP's appeal beyond its base of white, older voters.

"We will not cede an inch of territory--no issues, no demographic groups, no voters--as we unite our citizens to strengthen America through greater economic growth and widespread prosperity," said a mission statement on the PAC's website. It also cites income inequality, saying that "the income gap is real,'' and that "while the last eight years have been pretty good ones for top earners, they've been a lost decade for the rest of America."

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