December 2, 2014


Jeb Bush Details Political Vision (BETH REINHARD, Dec. 1, 2014, WSJ)

Mr. Bush, addressing The Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting, ticked off his priorities: an "all-in" energy policy that expands the use of the nation's natural resources; a reduction in business regulations; a simpler tax code; an "economically driven" overhaul of the immigration system; and a "radical transformation'' of the education system.

The changes he proposed regarding education would break up the "politicized, unionized, government-run monopolies" of local school districts and better serve the needs of individual children, he explained.

Mr. Bush spoke forcefully about his interest in overhauling the education system. "The fact is, the end is near if we don't fix this," he said, calling it a tragedy when low-income children are relegated to failing public schools.

He reiterated his support for higher academic standards--whether they are the Common Core national standards or other equally rigorous benchmarks--and for testing to measure whether students are meeting them. "If you don't measure, you really don't care," he said.

"I've lost my patience on this," Mr. Bush said, referring to what he described as an unwillingness among special interests to improve public education.

After all of those issues are addressed, Mr. Bush said, the nation needs to tackle "the other big thing that is not going to happen soon, which is entitlement reform."

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