December 24, 2014


5 Things We Learned From the Jeb Bush Emails (SHUSHANNAH WALSHE, 12/24/14, ABC News)

1. A Look at Constituent Emails, Even the Unpleasant Ones

One of the more fascinating bits of insight we learned from the email release, thanks to the Washington Post, is just how much Bush was directly emailing with constituents, even angry ones. One man wrote Bush, "politicians make me sick, you make me sick." The then-governor replied: "I am truly sorry you feel that way. Have a nice day."

He then added a smiley face, showing he wasn't just an early adopter of email, but emoticon use, as well. In another exchange, a woman wrote to him inquiring about the date of his wife's birthday, and he quickly replied. [...]

3. How He Deals With Angry Conservatives

In the short period of time since Bush announced he will "actively explore the possibility of running for president of the United States," there has been some backlash from the more conservative wing of the GOP. It's not a surprise and will likely become much louder when, or if, he officially gets in the race. The emails show it's nothing new for Bush and he has been dealing with angry members of his own party judging his conservative bonafides since he was first elected.

In one exchange, Bush was going through emails after 10pm and he forwarded an angry one to top aides. The email called Bush "NO CONSERVATIVE" and Bush noted he was answering these kind of emails himself. He wrote to his advisers, "Kind of scary and I am very tired." In another from December, 1999, he tried to calm an anti-abortion activist who was angry Bush appointed an attorney to a judgeship because the lawyer had also represented the owner of an abortion clinic. Bush wrote back and told the conservative activist he had not known about the lawyer's history and the attorney had "received recommendations from many people who I respect." He did follow up and asked an aide to send the emailer a list of all the nominees who were currently before Bush. "We have no litmus test for judges -- we are open to hearing from all Floridians," he wrote. Bush then added that the activist "appears concerned about the perceived lack of opportunity to provide input."

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