December 23, 2014


Jeb Bush should have Democrats worried (Tom Keane, DECEMBER 21, 2014, Boston Globe)

Clinton appears to have a lock on the Democratic nomination. [...]

But is she really running? Ever since Obama was reelected, people have been asking, and Clinton hasn't been answering. [...]

Meanwhile, yet another Bush looks set to run, thrilling establishment Republicans. The name, the connections, and the money could make Bush so formidable in the primaries that he wouldn't need to pander to his party's right wing. There would be no repeat of the shenanigans of 2012, with its anybody-but-Romney refrains and cast of crazy characters at each other's' throats, each at some point at the top of the polls. [...]

[I]t's realistic to think he can consolidate the field early.

And then, of course, would come the general election. The true-reds and true-blues will vote as expected. But those in the middle -- more pragmatic and less ideological -- will look for someone with whom they can feel comfortable. At this juncture, the moderate former Florida governor seems to fit the bill.

Democrats should be worried. Even though Clinton now polls ahead of Bush in general election matchups, a different nominee -- Warren or perhaps Clinton pushed to the extreme -- would not have the same appeal to centrists. Liberal stalwarts may not care, thinking ideological purity should trump crass concerns about winning. But the upshot might be a third Bush in the White House.

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