December 25, 2014

A NEW JUDD FAMILY TRADITION (profanity alert):

If Moms Played Cards Against Humanity, Because Really, Don't You Want To Spend Some Quality Time Together? (GABRIELLE MOSS, 12/22/14, Bustle)
On the spectrum of things that you want to witness your mom do, "play Cards Against Humanity" probably falls somewhere between "hear her talk about how good your dad is at frenching" and "listen to her reveal that she once spent a year following the Dead with a guy named Seagull Dream, in a van with a unicorn painted on the side." But we should re-examine our knee-jerk stereotypes -- why shouldn't moms play Cards Against Humanity, the infamously disgusting and misanthropic card game? 

After all, if there's one thing anyone who's pushed a human being out of their vag knows, it's how disgusting life is; and if there's anything moms probably feel after a lifetime of dealing with children's tantrums, strangers who butt in to give their two cents about how to you raise your kids, offensive stereotyping about what moms can and can't do, and those jag-offs on the PTA, it's misanthropy.

So, in the spirit of this season of family togetherness, we think you should play Cards Against Humanity with you mom. 

What about playing with your Mom, Dad and Grandma...on Christmas Eve....

The game is definitive proof that all comedy is conservative.

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