November 29, 2014


6 Reasons Why Long Distance Train Travel Is Worth It (Ethan Klapper, 11/27/14, Huffington Post)

2. The Passengers

The Pacific Parlour Car of Amtrak's Coast Starlight.

Most people on long distance trains are not in a hurry. For some passengers, they'd fly if they were. For others who live in more rural communities, the train might be one of the only options for them to get around, so they generally know what to expect.

This leads to a great environment on board. Most people are friendly and chatty, and you meet tons of interesting people on board, ranging from college professors to North Dakota oil workers. People tend to be focused on the present -- their fellow passengers, the onboard environment and the scenery -- as opposed to their destinations.

3. The Staff

A sleeping car attendant greets passengers boarding Amtrak's California Zephyr in Fraser/Winter Park, Colorado.

Most of the staff of Amtrak's long distance trains treat you like family. On Western trains that are 3-day, 2-night trips, you end up spending a lot of time with your train attendant (whether you're in the sleeping car or coach) as well as the staff of the dining car. You learn about them, their families, their job and the railroad. Most of these crewmembers are individuals who exemplify good customer service. Don't forget to tip them!

The car is atomizing.

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