November 4, 2014

FIT FOR THE PIGS (self-reference alert):

King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center : King Arthur Flour is here to help you make your very own pies for the holidays (SUSAN LAUGHLIN , November 2014, NH Magazine)

There is no excuse to not bake your own pies. Not when help is just across the border in Norwich, Vt., at King Arthur Flour. The company headquarters is the site for a well-stocked Baker's Store, cafĂ© and fully equipped classrooms. Help is also close at hand through their baking hotline (855) 371-2253. It's a free service where you talk directly to baking experts with any issues with recipes or ingredients. They'll even troubleshoot problems after the fact. 

The King Arthur Flour website is a rich tool for learning too. There are a variety of blogs and online video demonstrations for everything from pie crusts to no-knead bread. The website also is a fount of recipes for everything flour, from pizza and pretzels to breads and pies to cookies and cupcakes.

The Baker's Store in Norwich and the online site offers all the tools a baker might lust for, including brotforms for bread, pantry essentials, and baking and decorating tools.

 Of course, the easiest way to learn the proper techniques in baking is to take a hands-on class at the Baking Education Center in Norwich. 

We're required to take some baking classes and the first loaf of bread I made was so gnarly they wouldn't even feed it to the pigs that eat our slops. But by the time we got to apple pie, the family thought it was the best one they'd ever tasted.  If I can do it....

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