October 28, 2014

THE KIDS HAVE A SAYING (self-reference alert)...

Summer-Haters Get Happy as Days Get Shorter (SUE SHELLENBARGER,  Oct. 27, 2014, WSJ)

Many people get the blues as winter sets in. They experience rolling back the clock to end daylight-saving time and commuting home in the dark as a downer.

Not so for Travis Hare. "I prefer colder temps and shorter days," says Mr. Hare, co-principal of a Washington, D.C., marketing and public-relations firm. The 34-year-old hikes in the snow, vacations in Iceland and regards a day at the beach as a hot, sweaty bore. "The only time I like things hot is when I'm having coffee--preferably when it's cold outside," he says. "People complain about snow, while I hope every potential flake turns into a blizzard."

A small, quiet minority of people actually cheer up and draw energy from the long, dark days of winter. 

...it's over 60, Daddy's cranky.

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