October 27, 2014


Why the GOP must pass a real ObamaCare replacement after it wins the Senate (Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, 10/27/14, The Week)

[I]t's now time for real conservatives inside the GOP to take a stand not just against something, but for something.

Conservative health-care scholar Jim Capretta actually has such a proposal, and it's the best one that can pass Congress. It increases coverage while moving the U.S. closer to a free market in health care and helping to reduce costs. Here are the basics:

[Capretta] calls for an ObamaCare replacement that would rely on a decentralized, market-oriented approach to the health-care system; offer tax credits for people outside the employer system achieved with minimal disruption of employer coverage; guarantee continuous coverage protection for all Americans; and grant states significant flexibility to meet the needs of their most vulnerable citizens... [It] would expand coverage by as much as ObamaCare while spending far less. [YG Network]

You can't just be against something. You have to be for something, too. And to set the groundwork for the next administration, it's now time for conservatives take a stand not just against ObamaCare, but for a sound conservative alternative.

...just default everyone into a catastrophic/HSA plan, but allow them to use a credit for as much as that would cost towards any alternative plan they, or their employers, choose to pay the difference on.

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