October 16, 2014


Late Surge of Money Buoys Republicans in Races That Will Decide Control of Senate (NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, OCT. 15, 2014, NY Times)

Republican candidates for the Senate have overcome the sizable fund-raising edge held by their Democratic opponents for most of the 2014 election cycle, according to new disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission, outraising or matching Democrats in races that will decide control of the Senate and entering the final weeks of the campaign with ample cash.

Republican candidates and "super PACs" are now splurging on expensive last-minute advertising, at a time when polling shows Republicans increasingly more likely to win control of the Senate.

Republicans lost a chance to beat Bernie Sanders in 1994, because the race seemed a reach from the Beltway, so no one would commit resources.  In the end, he couldn't reach 50% despite that.  

Now would be a good time for the GOP to throw some long balls and see if we can't pick off one or two extra seats in the "leans Democrat"/"likely Democrat" columns.  Races where the Democrat is at or below 50% and a Republican has won statewide this century seem worth the gamble. 

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