October 17, 2014

AEROBICS? (self-reference alert):

Recline, don't 'Lean In' (Why I hate Sheryl Sandberg) (Rosa Brooks February 25, 2014, Washington Post)

 I'm sure Sheryl Sandberg is a delightful person, and I'd love her, too, if I knew her and she bought me lunch at a fancy restaurant. In fact, she and I probably have some friends in common; we were college classmates, though I don't remember if we ever met.

"Did we know Sheryl Sandberg?" I asked my friend Suzanne, who was also in my college class.

She gave me a funny look. "Well, I knew her. Don't you know if you knew her?"

"I can't remember."

"If you knew her, you would remember," said Suzanne. "She was one of those people you would definitely remember. I used to go to an aerobics class she taught."

That explained it. Some college students, like my friend Suzanne, take aerobics classes. Some college students, like Sheryl Sandberg, teach aerobics classes. Other college students, like myself, lie around the dorm reading novels. Sheryl Sandberg was already busy leaning in. I was busy leaning back on my sofa, with a good book and a nice cup of cocoa.

My Senior Spring at Colgate, someone in the dean's office realized I only had 2 of my 8 required gym credits (marching band Freshman and Sophomore fall).  I got a fraternity brother who ran the squash club to add me to his class list--never held a squash racket to this day.   They sent me to CPR and the instructor just passed me after I broke two Resusci-Annies by pressing too hard on the sternum--do not have a medical emergency in my vicinity.  And they put me in a Stress Management class.... 

The first couple classes the instructor taught us various techniques--breathing, yoga, etc.--then at the start of the next class she had us do whichever one we'd liked best for the first fifteen minutes.  I lay down on the mat and went to sleep. She woke me when she was ready to start.  Same thing the next week.  So she asked: "Orrin, what are you doiung here, you have less stress than anyone I've ever met?"  "I need the gym credit."  "If I let you pull the mat out in the hall and sleep for an hour and still give you the credit would that work."   "You got it, sister." Bingo!  A phys ed credit for sleeping.

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