September 13, 2014


It's not just Scotland. Catalonia and Kurdistan are both fighting for autonomy too. (Lev Taylor, 9/13/14, openDemocracy)

"I don't know what the situation is like there, but I know that the Irish, the Scottish, the Catalans, they're the same as us," a Kurdish farmer tells me, as we sit on his watermelon farm, just outside Urfa.

Admittedly, his knowledge of the politics in Ireland are slightly out-of-date, as he pledges his unwavering support for the IRA. The situations in Catalonia, Scotland and Kurdistan are all very unique, and none can quite be seen as the same as the others.

But he does have a very good point. Perhaps many people outside Scotland don't realise that same political demands for independence, albeit in very different ways, are being made by nations across the world. There is a great deal that Scotland can learn if it looks much further south of the border, towards the Mediterranean.

I spent the last year eight months living in Turkey, and have just moved to Catalonia. What has struck me most is how much the same arguments are being made, and many of the same processes are taking place across these different countries. 

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