July 21, 2014


Audio Interview: Ed Klein on Blood Feud (Ed Driscoll, July 20th, 2014, PJ Media)

MR. DRISCOLL:  Blood Feud also helps to shed some light on one of the more mysterious members of the Obama administration, and that's Valerie Jarrett.  What is her relationship with the president?  And how long have they known each other?

MR. KLEIN:  Well, you remember The Godfather and Tom Hagen, who is a consigliere to the Godfather?

MR. DRISCOLL:  Barack Obama's favorite movie!

MR. KLEIN:  Yeah, that's right, and maybe he got the idea from that movie, because Valerie Jarrett is the Tom Hagen of the Obama administration; she is the consigliere.  Both Obama and his wife Michelle have made it clear numerous times on record that they don't make a single decision without first going to Valerie Jarrett.  She's a sort of strange combination of big sister, mother figure, consigliere.

If you recall ‑‑ if you're old enough to remember the Franklin Roosevelt administration, Harry Hopkins lived in the White House and was friends with both Eleanor and Franklin.  Well, she's like that.  She literally has moved into the White House.  She has a suite of rooms in the residence that she permanently occupies.  She has a Secret Service detail of her own.  She has forty people working for her; four-zero.  And she dines with the Obamas at night; she goes on vacations with them.  She's the last person to leave the Oval Office after a meeting.  She has the president's ear like no one else.

MR. DRISCOLL:  In Blood Feud, you argue that Jarrett played a role in some of Obama's otherwise inexplicable foreign policy decisions regarding Syria. Could you talk about that?

MR. KLEIN:  Yes; I'd be happy to.  You know, this has been a mystery to the media why did Obama renege on his threat that he was going to ‑‑ that there was a red line that he would bomb the Syrian chemical-weapons facilities if they used those weapons.  And even his own staff, including Denis McDonough, who's his chief of staff, was taken by complete surprise when he said, I'm going to go to Congress and get their approval, knowing full well that Congress was not going to approve it.

And according to my sources who I feel are absolutely impeccable on this issue, it was Valerie Jarrett who talked him out of following through on the red-line threat.  And she, according again to my sources ‑‑ and I'm talking about people who speak to Valerie Jarrett, so they're not just making this up out of whole cloth; they're talking to her, and this comes from her.  She told him, you were not elected to be a war president, you ran against being a war president, you were elected to change society and make it more equal, and all that sort of stuff, you know, because she's a very big left-winger.  And he listened to her.  And the credibility of the presidency and, even more important, the credibility of the United States, was severely damaged by his failure to go through with that threat.

MR. DRISCOLL:  Did Jarrett also play a role in turning away Obama's support for Hillary's assumed upcoming presidential bid?

MR. KLEIN:  Well, you know, I think in that case we're talking really about a triumvirate in the White House:  Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, all of who see pretty much eye to eye on almost all issues.  And in their view, they're already thinking about Barack Obama's legacy and who's going to carry it out after he leaves the White House.  They're already talking about his library.  They're talking about where they're going to live.  They're talking about what Michelle and Valerie are going to do, would Michelle run for office.

And one of the things they're talking about is that the Clintons ‑‑ and we know it's two for the price of one; if you vote for Hillary, you're going to get Bill too ‑‑ would undo many of the things that Obama's been trying to do and some of which he's accomplished.  And indeed Hillary, according to The Wall Street Journal and even The New York Times, has begun to fulfill their worst dreams, or nightmares, which is, distancing herself even now from Obama.

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