July 3, 2014


'Rouhani factor' may make difference in nuclear talks : As the 5+1 talks on Iran's nuclear program resume, leaders appear to be more worried about conflict in neighboring Iraq. Iran expert Ellie Geranmayeh tells DW the West must engage Iran and utilize its regional influence. (Deutsche-Welle, 7/03/14)

Ellie Geranmayeh: The determination and political will on both sides is really impressive. There is such a huge drive from all of them to meet on a daily basis from now until the end of July.

I think we don't give enough credit - especially on the Iran-US side - of how unprecedented this whole set of affairs is. After 35 years of animosity, there is now a working relationship between these negotiators on the nuclear issues.

The amount of respect the negotiators are showing each other - when I talk to the Western parties, they really highlight how professional the Iranian negotiators are, how serious they are to engage in the crucial issues. Same when you speak to the Iranians, they highlight the determination of the US, Catherine Ashton's personal commitment to get the talks to the stage they're at now.

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