June 8, 2014


What's powering cleaner air? Natural gas. (Marty Durbin, June 6, 2014, Christian Science Monitor)

The not-so-secret weapon in America's arsenal? Vast domestic supplies of clean, affordable natural gas that are transforming the economic, environmental, and energy security possibilities of our nation. As we mark the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, it's only fitting to note that carbon emissions per American are now at their lowest level since President Eisenhower left office in 1961.

With or without these new rules, natural gas will continue leading the way in providing affordable energy to grow our economy and cleaner air for us all. In addition to carbon reductions, growing use of natural gas in the power sector has driven down sulfur dioxide and smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions by more than two-thirds over the past two decades, all while creating jobs, reviving local economies and increasing the average US household's disposable income by $1,200 this year alone.

The Right's struggle to preserve coal is quaint, but futile.
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