March 4, 2014


Face-Saving Ways To Get Russia To Back Down (Steve Forbes, 3/04/13, Forbes)

It may be too soon for Moscow to be thinking about how to resolve its self-made crisis in Ukraine. But as events that Putin unintentionally unleashed begin to hit Russia's oligarchs and its already none-too-robust economy, the U.S. and Europe should have solutions at the ready. Here are two possibilities.

• The Hong Kong solution. Crimea is home to much of the Russian fleet. Western diplomats can pretend to take at face value the idea that Putin acted as he did out of fear for the safety of the fleet and the local Russian population. Carve out the naval base area and some real estate around it and Ukraine can lease it to Moscow for 99 years. [...]

• The Guantanamo Bay Naval base solution. This is a variation on the Hong Kong solution, the only difference is that the naval base and surrounding area lease would be permanent, though Ukraine would retain sovereignty. 

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