March 4, 2014


Lots of People Who Support *** Marriage Think ****** Is Immoral  (EMMA GREEN, MAR 3 2014, Atlantic)

But the most surprising statistics are buried toward the end of the study. A majority of those surveyed said that s** between adults of the same gender was morally wrong. It was a slim majority--only 51 percent--and roughly 43 percent said that gay s** is fine. There were regional differences, too. About half of Californians and Floridians had no objection to gay s**, while only a third of Texans were okay with it.

Compare this to the proportion of people who support gay marriage: 53 percent of Americans for, 41 percent against. This suggests that roughly a tenth of Americans don't like gay s** but think gay people should be able to get married anyway. In other words, they don't think public policy should necessarily mirror their private beliefs. 

One of the greatr failures of conservative social policy in recent years was to not recognize that the simple American sense of fairness meant we'd adopt some form of civic institution for such couples and to act to ensure that it was something wholly artificial, like civil union, instead of something organic and meaningful, like marriage.
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