March 13, 2014


Why Young People Shouldn't Hesitate to Invest (Joe Udo March 13, 2014, US News)

The stock market is at an all-time high, and it can be unnerving to jump in. The thing many young people don't realize is that a big stock market correction is good for them. By contributing to your retirement plan every month, you are dollar-cost averaging in. When the market declines, you're getting a great deal by picking up more shares. Historically, the stock market does very well over the long term, so picking up shares at a discount is a great thing.

Some people stop investing when the stock market crashes, and that's a mistake. When you're young, you need to keep investing through thick and thin. And stock market crashes can actually be great buying opportunities for young folks. If your stomach can handle it, stay invested through a few of these crashes and you will see your portfolio grow after the market recovers. 

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