January 17, 2014


Interview: Hugh Hewitt on The Happiest Life (Ed Driscoll, January 16th, 2014, PJ Media)

In order to write his latest book, Hugh Hewitt looked back over his 25-year broadcast career and 10,000 or so interviews to "reverse engineer" the lives of the people who in his estimation "had the happiest demeanor and the most ebullient step and what was it about them that made for the common denominators of their attitude towards living," Hugh tells me in our new interview, discussing  The Happiest Life: Seven Gifts, Seven Givers, and the Secret to Genuine Success. "And so whether it was George W. Bush or Julie Andrews or, you know, Tony Blair, or a Pulitzer winner, like Lawrence Wright, who was happy and why?  It's a pretty good question, actually, to pursue for anyone." [...]

During our interview, Hugh will discuss:

● Why he wants fellow talk radio host and happiness author Dennis Prager arrested!

● What role does religion play in achieving happiness?

● Does Hugh know people who are happy without faith? (Answer: Yes.)

● Was former President Richard Nixon, Hugh's early former employer, a happy man?

● What is the relationship of over-diagnosis of mental illness and happiness?

● Is being happy hindered by a societal prejudice against that simple positive emotion?

● Who is the least emotional politician on the world stage? (And no, it's not Obama.)

● What's Hugh's early prognosis for the GOP and November of 2014?

● The origins and meaning of Hugh's catchphrase, "Morning Glory, Evening Grace"...finally revealed!

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