January 22, 2014


Iran: a door opens : Iran's culture is deep. Its people are complex. Its doors have for too long shut out the rest of the world. A Monitor reporter who returned to Iran after being barred for more than four years found Iranians eager to talk. (John Yemma, January 6, 2014, CS Monitor)

Under Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian government has been opening up. The changes have been quick. No one knows how deeply they are rooted. Iran has agreed to a first-phase deal to ease sanctions in return for nuclear inspections. It has welcomed back Scott and other reporters. If the opening lasts - even expands - the effect could be felt far beyond the Middle East.

Scott's diary of seven days in Tehran lets us ride along with him on a journey of both rediscovery and discovery. As everywhere, there are millions of points of view, some warm, some angry, and many that are both wary and willing to suspend judgment for now. 

 The opening with Iran may be temporary and tactical. As with the Arab Spring, today's new thinking could be followed by tomorrow's second thoughts. No one is sure, maybe not even Mr. Rouhani. Skepticism is understandable. But it is equally possible that something is happening, that a small thaw could become a bigger warm-up.

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