January 11, 2014


Rouhani pledges to ease restrictions on artists (Asharq Al-Awsat, 1/11/14)

The moderate cleric also warned of the social and economic risks facing Iranian society, including moral and economic corruption.

He said: "Unless we find solutions to these problems, the relationship between the government and people will deteriorate."

The Iranian president also pointed to the difficulties Iranian artists are facing, issuing assurances that the "government will fulfill its duties within the framework of the constitution and support art as much as possible."

Rouhani said that art is meaningless without freedom, and that artistic creativity is only possible in a free society.

Criticizing those who censor art, Rouhani stressed that artists are not a threat to the security of Iran and that the government should trust art and artists.

Iranian Minister of Culture Ali Jannati, who was present at the meeting, expressed his hope that cultural institutions in Iran would flourish during Rouhani's presidency.

Jannati said: "Artists do not expect from the government to work miracles because they realize the enormous local and international political pressures it is under."

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