November 29, 2013


Michael Connelly Brings Harry Bosch to TV : Amazon produces a show about the famous LAPD detective (ALEXANDRA ALTER, Nov. 28, 2013, WSJ)

Crime writer Michael Connelly was standing in a light, cold rain on a hill overlooking downtown Los Angeles. A garbage truck rolled by, then a beat-up maroon Cadillac. It had been dark for hours and the street was empty, except for 135 members of a film crew who had set up a makeshift production camp in a dirt clearing by the side of the road.

They were shooting the opening scene of "Bosch," a one-hour TV pilot based on Mr. Connelly's iconic L.A. homicide detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch. Played by Titus Welliver, Bosch was glowering in the Cadillac, staking out the home of a suspected serial killer.

Mr. Connelly looked tired, having just weathered several marathon shoots that went until six in the morning. But he was content. He'd been waiting to watch this scene unfold for nearly 20 years.

After an epic rights struggle with Paramount, which optioned two Harry Bosch books in 1994 but never adapted them, Mr. Connelly finally bought the character rights back in 2011, spending $3 million of his own money. He was wary of getting tied up in development with another film studio. So he struck a deal with a company he knew was good at marketing and selling Harry Bosch: Amazon.

"The idea of the place that sells most of my books wanting to do a television show based on my books" was appealing, Mr. Connelly said. "That kind of synchronicity was attractive," he said.

...Mr. Connelly's is the great American police procedural series--we're more of a private eye culture.  And nothing makes the books more American than Harry Bosch's personal ethos, the belief that every death matters and, therefore, every murder should be solved and justice done.

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