November 27, 2013


Iran: President's music video echoes Obama's 'Yes we can' film (BBC, 11/27/13)

The black-and-white videos both run for about four-and-a-half minutes and feature a range of people voicing parts of speeches by the two leaders to a guitar-led soundtrack, with frequent use of split-screen edits.

The two politicians look ahead to their time in office, but there's a difference in emphasis. The independently produced Obama video focuses on his "Yes we can" slogan. The Rouhani film, produced by the man behind the president's election campaign videos, Hoseyn Dehbashi, emphasises the need to be humble. "I feel the burden of this vote," Rouhani says. "I find shelter only in God, and I honestly and humbly ask God Almighty to keep this weak servant of his away from misery, jealousy, arrogance and egoism."

Rouhani's video also emphasises national unity, with men and women, young and old, speaking the minority languages Baluchi, Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic as well as Persian. "Let us allow elites to serve the nation. Let us allow people's hearts to be cleansed from hatred," Rouhani says - a message that chimes with his new foreign policy orientation of reconciliation with the West and the need to bring hardliners on board.

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