November 26, 2013


Iran and Hezbollah refuse to retaliate after deadly suicide attacks in Beirut (Martin Chulov, 26 November 2013, Guardian)

Rescue workers had barely finished clearing the debris from outside the Irjust eastanian embassy in Beirut last week, when those who had been targeted gave their first decree.

There were to be no recriminations, Iranian and Hezbollah senior officials told their rank and file, hours after . Nor was there to be a military response, at least not in Lebanon.

The subdued aftermath of the first bomb attack on an embassy in the Lebanese capital in 30 years surprised many across the country, where dire warnings of unease spilling into outright chaos have been commonplace.

But Hezbollah officials, like their powerful patrons in Tehran, were staying true to their calculation of the past five years that their strategic gains in Lebanon, Baghdad and more recently Syria, would be compromised by striking back.

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