September 24, 2013


Turkish President Abdullah Gül: Assad must go (Lally Weymouth, Published: September 23, 2013, Washington Post)

It seems that President Bashar al-Assad is left in power by this agreement. Is that wrong?

That's not something we can live with.

We have to remember that when these events broke out, there was a lot of hope given to the Syrian people. The rhetoric was high, but the actions did not match the rhetoric. So far more than 100,000 people have been killed, and almost half of the population is in a refugee status. If today we say this is not our job, it is people fighting in that country among themselves, then we have to question the rhetoric at the beginning.If we leave things on their own, there is a danger that what is happening in Afghanistan will happen on the shores of the Mediterranean, and no one can tolerate that.

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