September 27, 2013

DE-SPITE (self-reference alert):

Having put in 40 hours this week by 9am this morning, the rest of the day was wide open for skylarking, and a few thoughts occur.

Hauled the trash to the dump and, whatever the evils of the instrumentality, when cranking the following out the windows on a crisp fall day in the Upper Valley, the automobile nearly justifies itself

Then a visit to Home Depot for a nut and bolt The Daughter requires. The sheer abundance of tools, materials, parts, etc. boggles the mind. Thence to the grocery store for milk, almond milk, bananas and eggs, all for about $10.

Time for a nap and then a long walk with the dog. Listening to Patrick O'Brian's The Letter of Marque, which includes Maturin's hilarious defense of laudanum--the ultimate man of Reason completely lacking in self-awareness as he dismisses the possibility of addiction for any but the weakest sorts of men.

Then to a summer playlist that includes:

And, along the way, an opportunity to get today's cloud pics:

Meanwhile, the Sox are the best team in baseball, the Pats are 3-0, the Bruins are improved after losing the Cup by one game, and Liverpool is back.

Which brings us to the great mystery that confronts the Puritan (and conservative)mind : regardless of what wretched creatures we are, God is beneficent.

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