September 25, 2013


Rouhani sees a nuclear deal in 3 months (David Ignatius, September 25, 2013, Washington Post)

Here are some highlights from the interview:

●Rouhani stressed that he is "fully empowered to finalize the nuclear talks" by Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, a claim confirmed by Western intelligence reports. Analysts say Khamenei was surprised and rebuffed by the popular wave of support for Rouhani's moderate policies and has given him a chance to cut a deal.

●The Iranian president wants to move very quickly to resolve the nuclear issue, through negotiations. Rouhani said his "choice" would be a three-month timetable, and that six months would still be "good," but this should be a matter of "months, not years." The speedy timeline may reflect the pressure of sanctions on the Iranian economy or Rouhani's fear of a political backlash from conservative rivals. Whatever the reason, the time is short.

●Rouhani said he was prepared to offer extensive "transparency" measures to reassure the West that Iran doesn't intend to build a bomb. He likened these measures to what Iran allowed from 2003 to 2005, when he was the country's chief negotiator, including acceptance of intrusive "additional protocols" from the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as inspections to assess what the IAEA calls "possible military dimensions." [...]

●Rouhani said Iran wants to join a new round of Geneva negotiations for a political transition in Syria so long as there are no preconditions on Iranian participation. The Obama administration has tentatively decided to offer Iran a seat at these talks, reasoning that a stable political transition would be impossible if the Iranians weren't a co-guarantor. He said that, in terms of a future government in Damascus, Iran would let Syrians decide at the ballot box; that's the standard Iranian formula.

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