July 22, 2013


How the office was invented : Many people might think of office-bound life as a modern phenomenon, but there's a long history of people chained to their desks (Lucy Kellaway, 7/21/13, BBC)

[W]alk into any office and you can't help but wonder what are they actually doing?

You can tell if a teacher is teaching or a builder building, but with us office workers, the dreams, the ambition, the lust and the extreme boredom is all hidden.

Over the past two centuries, the office has changed everything.

It has made us all middle class. It has transformed a lot of women, who have skipped from kitchen to boardroom, pausing at the typing pool on the way. It has also raised standards in education and been the reason for many technological advances.

But the office itself seems to have no history. We all just seem to accept the way we work now. There's the charade of the annual appraisal. All those grim PowerPoint presentations in interminable meetings. The open plan offices where we overhear colleagues phoning their plumbers.

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