April 28, 2013


George W. Bush has saved more lives than any American president (Ellen Ratner, April 25, 2013, FoxNews.com)

South Sudanese today are thinking more about another U.S. president: that would be Obama's predecessor, Bush 43. As a liberal Democrat and Obama supporter, I was particularly struck by this. Yes, Bush is a hero in Africa, and Americans, too, should know why.

No American president, before or since, has had Bush's vision and determination to save so many millions of lives.  

For Africans, that vision traces back to the early years of his presidency. In his 2003 State of the Union Address, Bush introduced the "President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief" (PEPFAR.)

And that proposal had real meat: $15 billion over five years, as well as a serious look at African health problems, beyond HIV/AIDS.  

Bush proposed it, and his proposal wasn't just a few throw-away lines in a speech; even as the Iraq war raged, Bush spent precious political capital to get PEPFAR enacted.  

The result was the largest upfront contribution ever made by any country to fight HIV. And the numbers are staggering. 

Five million children, women and men have received antiretroviral treatment under PEPFAR. In 2010 alone, 600,000 pregnant mothers received treatment so their newborn children would not be infected.  

Yes, millions of people live productive, healthy lives due to Bush 43.  

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