December 7, 2012


1947's Zionists, Today's Palestinians (David N. Myers, Dec 7, 2012, Daily Beast)

Sixty-five years ago, the Zionist movement scored the greatest success in its history--recognition on November 29, 1947, by the United Nations General Assembly, of the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine. U.N. General Assembly resolution 181 called for the creation of a Jewish state alongside an Arab State, with Jerusalem as an international protectorate. It was this diplomatic act that brought the State of Israel into existence.

Last week, on November 29, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly was the site of another triumph, when it voted overwhelmingly--138 to 9, with 41 abstentions--to affirm the status of Palestine as a non-member observer of the U.N. Rather than greet this news as a long-awaited affirmation of the principle of partitioning Palestine into two states, Israel, backed by the U.S., led a tiny group of opponents of the resolution.

The parallels between the two events--and between the Zionist and Palestinian movements--are striking. Indeed, it seems as if Palestinian leaders took a page directly ouf the ZIonist playbook in turning to the United Nations. 

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