November 8, 2012


Obama campaign attack ads appeared effective in defeating Mitt Romney (THOMAS M. DEFRANK, 11/.07/12, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

 The President who promised hope and change four years ago sealed another term by embracing the same old slash and burn.

Mitt Romney's fate might have been sealed over the summer, when President Obama's campaign carpet-bombed the Republican with attack ads.

The commercials hammered Romney as a craven capitalist who sent jobs overseas, refused to release his tax returns and would give zillionaires like himself even heftier tax breaks at the expense of the middle-class.

While demonizing Romney, the strategy also deflected attention from Obama's handling of the economy. Obama's subliminal message was stark: You may not like me much, but Romney's worse -- much worse.

It worked.

"That was the key strategic calculation, " said political scientist George Edwards of Texas A&M University. "Romney wanted a referendum on Obama's performance, but Obama made it a choice between two people.

"He was successful in arguing that Romney was not just an unattractive choice but a risky choice," Edwards added.

Mitt just never seemed like he cared much about average people.  And a shockingly high percentage of us are rather average.

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