September 6, 2012


The night the Democrats lost control of the Israel message (HAVIV RETTIG GUR, September 6, 2012, Times of Israel)

One indication of the scale of the concern was the surprise and anger among Democratic leaders themselves as they heard about the platform changes, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and New York Senator Chuck Schumer appearing bewildered and saying they knew nothing about them, and Congressmen Eliot Engel and Howard Berman issuing statements expressing anger and opposition to the new text.

According to CBS News, corroborated by National Jewish Democratic Council head David Harris, President Barack Obama, too, was surprised and upset by the changes, and immediately ordered a voice vote reinstating language into the platform that affirmed Jerusalem as Israel's capital. (Never mind that the Obama White House formally refuses to name Israel's capital when asked.)

But the damage was not yet done.

In calling for the voice vote from delegates to reinstate the term "God" -- in an excised phrase from 2008 that "gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential" -- and the sentence about Jerusalem as Israel's capital into the platform on Wednesday, Democratic leaders were taken aback by vociferous shouting of "boos" and "noes" in the half-empty Time Warner Arena in Charlotte.

The vote had to be taken three times before convention chair Antonio Villaraigosa could declare the changes passed.

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