September 13, 2012


The Sky Is the Limit for Wind Power : The amount of power to be reaped from tapping low- and high-altitude winds dwarfs global demand (David Biello, September 2012, Scientific American)

Wind turbines on land and offshore could readily provide more than four times the power that the world as a whole currently uses. Throw in kites or robot aircraft generating electricity from sky-high winds and the world could physically extract roughly 100 times more power than presently employed--and the climatic consequences remain minimal.

Two new computer-model analyses suggest there are few limits to the wind's potential. Although "there are physical limits to the amount of power that can be harvested from winds, these limits are well above total global energy demand," explains climate-modeler Kate Marvel of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who led the analysis published September 9 in Nature Climate Change.

Demand that will shrink as demographics implode.
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