June 10, 2012


Donations to Key Cuomo Ally Show a Rift Among Unions (NICHOLAS CONFESSORE, 6/07/12, NY Times)

Backed with millions of dollars in contributions from business, the Committee to Save New York has been Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's most important ally in his battles with public-sector unions over government spending, pensions and teacher accountability.

But the committee turns out to have another source of money: a group of building trade unions who contributed $500,000 last year. Their decision to back Mr. Cuomo -- and help finance an offensive against their public-sector brethren -- illuminates a deepening fissure in the labor movement.

Labor officials said the union contributions to the business group in 2011, which were revealed in records filed with the federal Labor Department and interviews with people familiar with the donations, reflected workers' deep unease about a slowdown in the construction industry in New York and their hope that Mr. Cuomo and the business committee could persuade voters and lawmakers to support publicly financed building projects and encourage growth.

But the unions' aid to the business coalition also shows how battles over government spending, especially at the state level, have deepened longstanding tensions in the labor movement between union members employed by government and those employed by private business.

It's every boondoggler for himself.
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