April 14, 2012


For Obama, Going Positive May Be More Difficult This Time (RICHARD W. STEVENSON, 4/14/12, NY Times)

[T]he edgier and more negative tone coming from the president's re-election is highlighting another issue. Successful campaigns tell positive stories even while they are in knife fights, and even as it steps up an effort to define Mr. Romney on its terms, the White House is working to make a positive case for Mr. Obama, one built around themes of fairness and security.

Judging by the difficulties he has had selling his policies and himself for the last three years, going positive in an effective way could prove to be more challenging for Mr. Obama than going negative.

...when he is no one and has nothing to say?  His formerly blank slate has been written on by four years of governance and folks don't much like what they read there.  He has no choice but negativity and there he faces the same problem that Maverick had last time around, he's running against too amorphous a figure for the negative stuff to stick.

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