April 9, 2012


Immigration And Prosperity: Why Tech Needs Open Borders (Flip Filipowski, 4/09/12. Forbes)

Our nation that for better or worse was built on the blood, sweat and tears of waves of immigrants has turned it's back on it's own salvation. Hidden within is the issue that our nation is embroiled in a cultural war pitting the secular against the devout in almost as dogmatic polarity as the Sunni's and Shia. It is the forces of dogmatic bigotry against those that want to risk the traditional definitions of what constitutes the constituencies of the United States.

At one end of the immigration debate is the perception of cheap labor infiltrating the Southern border of the United States. There is concern that jobs will be stolen from U.S. citizens by illegal immigrants willing to work for less. The threat of diluting the devout coalition by Catholic Latinos is just below the surface. The purpose here is not to debate that end of the spectrum. Lost in the emotions is the fact that a good dose of cheap labor sure would be convenient in the scheme of global competition. Practical consideration at a moral price.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the technological and economic viability of the United States. Our prosperity is built on the renegade, risk-taking entrepreneurial concoction of truly American innovation and invention - in addition to the fact that a disproportionate number of companies are created by immigrants. In Silicon Valley alone, immigrant-founded startups make up a remarkable 52 percent of companies. Wave upon wave of immigrants bought into the American dream that anything was possible in the United Sates and anyone who put in the effort could succeed here. We were to own that one magical thought in perpetuity but instead we have exported it to the world not in a gesture of generosity but in the incompetence bred in fear of immigration. Perhaps even in the moronic fear of adding Democrats to the voting roles as these immigrants assimilate into our society. The real fear should be directed at the complacency that seems to permeate subsequent generations that believe entitlement comes with citizenship via birthright.

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