March 5, 2012


Michigan Wants More Immigrants: Republican Governor Rick Snyder wants to attract talented foreigners he sees as crucial to the economy (Chris Christoff, February 6, 2012, Business Week)

Rick Snyder has something to say to foreign students and entrepreneurs wary of settling in the U.S., where tough new laws in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina aimed at illegal aliens have also led to an exodus of legal workers: Come to Michigan.

"I'm the most pro-immigration governor in the United States," says Snyder, a first-term Republican who believes his party's focus on rounding up illegal immigrants is repelling talented foreigners he sees as crucial to the economic recovery. While Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich spar over who will more vigilantly guard the border, Snyder has assigned state agencies to persuade skilled foreigners to put down roots in Michigan. Snyder's program will promote Michigan abroad as a friendly place for entrepreneurs to open businesses, and match employers to foreign students with training in science and engineering. He's betting an influx of immigrants to the state, which led the nation in unemployment for much of the last decade as the auto industry collapsed, will help revive the economy. "I knew it was the right answer from doing startup companies," says Snyder, a former venture capitalist who was chief executive officer of Gateway, the computer maker, in the 1990s. "They generated jobs."

It's not a question of whether the future is Open Borders, but of what inducements nations will offer to lure waves of immigrants.
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