January 10, 2012


Romney's Improbable Achievement (Michael Gerson, 1/10/12, Washington Post)

[T]he political accomplishment of Willard Mitt Romney should not be underestimated. The moderate, technocratic former governor of a liberal state is poised to secure the nomination of the most monolithically conservative Republican Party of modern history.

Some of this improbable achievement can be attributed to Romney's skills as a candidate. In 14 debates, he delivered one gaffe (the $10,000 bet) and once lost his temper (with Rick Perry) -- neither lapse particularly damaging. Under a barrage of awkward formats and dopey questions, Romney has been calm, knowledgeable and reassuring. The slickest network anchor could not have done better.

Romney is the varsity -- a far better candidate than, say, Bob Dole or John McCain. A Republican nominating process that swerved again and again toward silliness -- alternately elevating for consideration Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain -- seems ready to settle on a serious, accomplished, credible candidate. Republicans, it turns out, are choleric and fractious -- but not suicidal.

We went to the polls here today, always a thrilling experience, and while I thought long and hard about writing in Jeb, in the end I voted for Mitt in hope that the process would end ASAP.  A successful governor of a large state would have been preferable, but Jeb didn't run, TPaw quit too early and Rick Perry is a walking gaffe.  

BTW: Did you know we had this many choices:

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