January 17, 2012


Mitt Romney Shrugs Off Attacks, Emerges Unscathed in Fox News Debate in South Carolina (Howard Kurtz, Jan 16, 2012, Daily Beast)

There was a moment, when Rick Santorum was pounding him early in the Fox News debate, that Mitt Romney got that deer-in-the-headlights look.

Unable to explain an ad attacking Santorum's position on allowing felons to vote, Romney tried to push it off on his super PAC, then stalled for time, then said he couldn't change a more lenient law in Massachusetts because there were just too many Democrats.

Romney, who had just survived a pounding over his record at Bain Capital, looked rattled. Fortunately for him, the question of voting rights for ex-convicts isn't exactly on the cutting edge of the South Carolina primary. He survived Monday night in Myrtle Beach with barely a scratch--and his rivals had forfeited another chance to derail his seemingly inevitable march to the GOP nomination.

The one issue that may come back to haunt him is one that he initially avoided answering, when Rick Perry joined Newt Gingrich in demanding that Romney release his tax returns. He seemed tentative when pressed by a Wall Street Journal reporter, finally saying he'd maybe, probably put out the records in April--in other words, after he's got the nomination safely locked up.

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