January 26, 2012


Better Place Launches Electric Fleet in Israel: A network of fast battery-switching stations offers an unusual business model for electric cars. (MATTHEW KALMAN, 1/26/12, tECHNOLOGY rEVIEW)

The cars are fueled by 225-kilogram lithium-ion batteries with a range of 160 kilometers. The batteries can be recharged at home or swapped for fully charged ones at a network of robotic battery-switching stations that Better Place has built throughout Israel to let owners extend their cars' range.

The switching stations, plus apps that guide a driver to them, are what make Better Place's business unique. In Israel, gas is expensive, and there are also high taxes on gasoline-powered cars, making electric vehicles more attractive.

Agassi predicts that by next year, electric cars will be the best-selling vehicles in both Israel and Denmark. Those, along with Australia, are the nations where the service is being launched this year.

Range anxiety is the only stumbling block

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