November 14, 2011


Immigration reforms could drive U.S. recovery (The Tennessean, Nov. 13, 2011)

America's eagerness to compete on the world stage over the past 200 years, along with its constitutional freedoms, made it into the pre-eminent economic power and the destination for disaffected and displaced people from all parts of the globe.

Lately, we have lost a significant amount of that luster.

Dozens of emerging economies such as Brazil and India are getting bigger shares of the international trade pie, and are modernizing and diversifying at a faster rate than the United States. What's more, they are becoming the destination for highly skilled workers and creative entrepreneurs -- even when those individuals have trained or earned their degrees at American universities. [...]

Restrictions on work visas, verification of employment eligibility and obtaining legal status are such that foreigners who have exhausted every avenue in attempting to stay and start a business in America often have no choice but to move to another country or return to their homeland to pursue their dream.

Of course, the economic downturn caused by immigration restrictions is a blessing for the nativists because it too makes America less attractive to immigrants.  Growth is their enemy.

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