October 21, 2011


Republicans Are Needlessly Offending Hispanics : The current crop of candidates is walking directly into an electoral trap. (Mona Charen, 10/21/11, National Review)

Maybe it's the nature of these cattle-call debates, and surely it is partly the result of instigation by the liberal press, but viewers watching the last several encounters will not have come away with a sense of the seriousness of the moment. Instead they will have been treated to the candidates' views on Rick Perry's decision to mandate Gardasil vaccines (delivered by what Rep. Michele Bachmann histrionically called "a government needle"), a spirited discussion about whether Mitt Romney was quick enough to fire a lawn-mowing company when he learned that some of their employees might be illegals, and seemingly endless discussions about how best to build a fence on the southern border. Should it be steel and barbed wire or should it be virtual? Should we deploy drones in Texastan and Arizonastan? How about "boots on the ground"? Should it be electrified with enough juice to fry anyone who touches it? (Cain says that was a joke.) 


This is not to suggest that Republicans who are passionate about illegal immigration compromise their principles, but it's a matter of priorities.

Not only is there no more important issue than the hostility of a segment of the Right to immigrants, but compromising their "principles" should be the minimum required of them in a Christian party.

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