July 27, 2011


Google's New Twitter Killer (Google+, the booming new social networking system, has attracted some 20 million users in a few weeks and is rendering Twitter obsolete. Facebook will be next (Dan Lyons, Jul 27, 2011, Daily Beast)

The funny thing is, the shot that Google fired at Facebook seems to have ricocheted and hit the wrong target. Because right now the biggest victim of Google+ appears to be Twitter, the microblogging service.

In fact, Google+ could be a death blow for Twitter, a company that after five years in business is still struggling to figure out a business model while coping with chronic management turmoil.

Twitter has been trying to sort itself out lately, but just as that effort begins, along comes Google+, a system that lets you do everything you can do on Twitter but is better in some important ways. Indeed, using Google+ makes you realize that Twitter doesn't just need some little tweaks and fixes. The issue is that some of the fundamental things about Twitter just make no sense.

For one thing, when you use Google+ you're not constrained by Twitter's ridiculous 140-character limit. So instd of sqzng 2 much info in2 2 ltl space 4cing rdr 2 parse grble & get hdache, you can just read and write with full words like a normal human being. What a blast of innovation!

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