May 6, 2011


Where did it all go wrong for Labour in Scotland? (George Eaton - 06 May 2011, New Statesman)

It was a truly terrible night for Labour in Scotland. The SNP has won a second straight victory and now looks like the natural party of devolved government. The proportional Additional Member System is designed to prevent any party from winning a majority (a safety valve against independence) but it looks like Alex Salmond could get one. The SNP are predicted to win 68 seats, which would give the party an overall majority of three.

So, where did it all go wrong for Labour? As recently as March the party enjoyed a double-digit lead in the polls. What's now clear is that their attempt to turn the election into a referendum on the Westminster coalition was a disastrous misjudgement. Ed Miliband urged the public to use the contest to give Labour "the best chance of stopping it (the coalition) going to the full term". But he badly misread the mood in Scotland after one term of SNP governance. The electorate chose to judge the contest on its own merits and concluded that Alex Salmond would do a better job of standing up for Scotland's interests than Iain Gray (Gray by name, grey by nature).

There is no Britain.

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