May 21, 2011


Why Dawkins disappoints (Nelson Jones, 20 May 2011, New Statesman)

Richard Dawkins stands accused of cowardice for refusing to debate with an Amercian theologian, William Lane Craig. He responds that he's too busy and that Craig is nothing but a professional debater.

Naturally, Dawkins is under no obligation to take part in someone else's publicity tour, but the allegation does have some force, not least because Craig has a reputation for eating atheists for breakfast.

Even Christopher Hitchens, it is generally conceded (even by atheists), lost his encounter with Craig on points. [...]

[A]theism is easy. It requires no special thought – indeed, it requires no thought at all....

David Hume ripped the ground out from under Rationalism and it never recovered in the Anglosphere.

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