April 10, 2011

SAD? :

GOP wins battle of the budget and will continue to win if Obama and Democrats don't get a plan (Joshua Greenman, April 10th 2011, NY Daily News)

IT WAS half sad, half funny. After weeks of failing to reach an agreement on a budget, after getting the country all worked up about a shutdown, the speaker of the House and Senate majority leader and President took to the airwaves late Friday night to herald their great achievement in cutting $38 billion, calling it a historic compromise.

Democrats - who not long ago were warning us that significant near-term budget cuts would cost jobs - pretended it was some kind of victory for them.

Wrong. This budget deal is a major win for the Republicans. Like the President's concession on extending the Bush tax cuts for top-income earners, it's confirmation that the GOP currently controls the terms of this debate.

They promised they'd get billions in cuts this year, and that's precisely what they delivered.

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