March 9, 2011


Yuck (No 714): Don't pay any attention to their name – these north London newbies are not yuck at all, they're pretty good, sounding like a shoegazey Sonic Youth (Paul Lester, 1/28/10,

Older readers might remember a rather excitable New Band of the Day column from way back in March 2007, written about a band called Cajun Dance Party who were about to release their first single, The Next Untouchable. "That riff, the actual sound of the African highlife-tinged guitar, the sheer texture of it," we raved, almost indecently ecstatic. "It's one of those happy accidents, the sort that keeps you coming back for more, keeps you interested in rock'n'roll year after year ... Their debut single is amazing, a new indie classic."

Well, Cajun Dance Party, despite being the Drums of their day (only from north London and obsessed with Dylan and the Cure, not mid-1980s Factory Records and the Shangri-Las) are no more. Defunct. Split. History. Laugh if you like, but in our defence we did say that The Next Untouchable "could be their This Charming Man, their I Wanna Be Adored, their one unrepeatable moment ..." And so it proved, and all the members have since gone their separate ways, to work in banks and shops and pretend furiously that blazing briefly like a comet then fading to grey was all part of their masterplan. Oops, one of them was a girl. Mistressplan – whatever.

Actually, there's a coda to this story that may yet make a decent second chapter. Because two of CDP – singer Danny, the one with the Highway 61-Isro, and Max the bassist who's now on guitar – have formed a new band with a bassist from Hiroshima and a drummer from New Jersey who's apparently amazing, plus a mystery female on ethereal backing vocals who may or may not be Danny's schoolgirl sister. We know a bit: Danny and Max write the songs but they don't sound much like CDP; Danny met Jonny in the desert; Danny was wearing a Daniel Johnston T-shirt; Jonny was wearing an Animal Collective one. They bonded over iced-tea and a mutual love of J Mascis and decided to create their own freak scene. Yuck was born.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 9, 2011 4:38 PM
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