March 21, 2011


Vermont’s Single-Payer Salvation: The Green Mountain State is poised to abolish most forms of private health insurance (Lauren Else, 3/18/11, In These Times)

“In five years, I predict the United States will go through another major debate of how to reform the healthcare system,” Harvard School of Public Health Professor William Hsiao told the state’s legislators in January, noting his belief that the federal reform legislation passed in March 2010 will not solve the nation’s healthcare crisis. “The question for Vermont is, do you want to walk ahead of the United States? Do you want to be a model for the United States?”

Last year, lawmakers passed a bill to hire a team of consultants led by Hsiao—an economist who helped to develop universal healthcare plans in China and reform Medicare and Medicaid in the 1970s—to design a new healthcare system for the Green Mountain State. According to Hsiao’s research, about 32,000 people, or roughly five percent of the state’s population, would still be uninsured after federal reform measures take full effect in 2014. (Fifty seven thousand, or 9 percent, of Vermonters are currently uninsured.)

What Hsiao and his team ended up recommending to the state was a single-payer system that would ensure coverage for all residents.

Nevermind that China's disastrous health care system is no model for anyone, even the developed nations of Europe are moving to introduce competition into their systems, so Vermont is going to be trailing them as they become more American?

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